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Departments & Consultants

  Orthopedic   Dr. Jenil K. Gandhi  M.S.(Ortho) , M.Ch.(Ortho) , F.A.R.S(Germany) Trauma , Arthroscopist & Joint Replacement Surgeon
  Obs.& Gyn.   Dr. Saumya J. Gandhi M.B.,D.G.O(Gold Medalist) Laproscopist & Infertility specialist
  Laboratory   Dr. Malay N. Parekh   M.D. (Pathology) Head of Laboratory Department
  Physiotherapy   Dr. Khushboo J. Shah   (B.PT.,M.I.A.P). Head of Physiotherapy department
  Dental   Dr. Ushma K. Kakkad  B.D.S(Dental Surgeon) Head Of Dental Department
   Visiting Doctors   Dr. Samir Shah    M.D. (Ped), D.C.H. Pediatrician & Pediatric Endocrinologist
    Dr. Paresh R. Mehta   M.D. (Medicine) Consultant Physician
    Dr. Akhilesh Somani   M.B.B.S., D.M.R.E. Consultant Radiologist
    Dr. Twinkle Patel   M.B.B.S.,D.L.O. Consultant E.N.T. Specialist
    Dr. Divyesh Mistry   M.D. ( Skin & Venereal Diseases) Consultant Skin Specialist
    Dr. Bimal Tamakuwala   M.D.(Psychiatric) Consultant Psychiatrist
    Dr. Prashant Desai  consultant ENT Surgeon
    Dr. Bhavuk Vanza   M.D.S. Oral Maxillo Facial surgeon
    Dr. Bhavin Bhuva  M.S. (Gen) Consultant General Surgeon
    Dr. Keta Shah   Dietician
    Dr. Ram Patel  Consultant Urologist
    Dr. Jinay Shah   Consultant Opthalmologist
    Dr. Mehul Gandhi   M.D.S. Oral Maxillo Facial Surgeon
    Dr. Arvind Patel  Plastic surgeon



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